The Assembly of the Unemployed is a collective of community organisations and activists, farm workers, farm dwellers, youth and women that seeks transformation in rural and urban areas. Our dream of freedom has become a nightmare. We are oppressed, marginalised and excluded. Our youth is facing a huge unemployment, which is the cause of the high rate of crime.
But we are confident that we are our own liberators.

Assembly of the Unemployed #Budget2023 Demands

1.Water for All
Water is our life, right, and basic need. We can’t survive without water. When there is no water we can’t cook, wash and all other services which require water are also negatively impacted. School children cannot finish school hours due to the water crisis. Women and young girls are the most affected by the scarcity of water in our communities.

2.Basic Income
We reject the R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant since it does not cover our basic needs, this is why we are demanding R1 500.

Government must not privatise Eskom. Loadshedding must not be a ‘normal’ part of our daily life. Our communities are suffering under this crisis. Hospitals, mortuaries, schools and businesses, which require electricity, are no longer functioning properly. On the issues of IPPs, communities must be given a chance to produce electricity and benefit from the value chain.

3.Decent Jobs for All
Our source of income for living depends on better jobs. We also reject the EPWP programme which is a scam and benefits the few of this failing government. We also reject the six month employment period of the EPWP programme, which only favours a few. Our human dignity depends on decent jobs. We demand full employment.

4. Budget Cuts
Budget cuts must be stopped because it negatively affects our communities and service delivery such as health, education as well as other necessities and services.
All government departments are suffering as result of budget cuts which results in retrenchments, high unemployment and crime.

5. Stable Municipalities
We need a stable municipalities that will provide full-service delivery for our communities. The coalition processes does not work for our communities. Instead, politicians keep fighting their political battles and communities are suffering.

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