The Food Sovereignty stream regularly organises market days for farmers and food producers. Prospective customers and stakeholders such as government departments are also invited.

Kaiser’s Beach

In September 2022, a market day was successfully held in Kaiser’s Beach, at Kiddlings Farm. The farm belongs to one of the members of our PGS groups called Ilitha. Products on sale included a variety of vegetables, some processed herbs and ointments. Producers also had a chance to introduce themselves and their products as a way to market themselves. There were two key stakeholders attending this market. One of them is TNT, an organisation from Dimbaza which processes tomatoes. This became a great opportunity for farmers who normally just sell their produce at very low prices. The stakeholder promised to absorb all the tomatoes from producers if standards are maintained.

Mowbray Market

In the Western Cape, our agroecology small-scale farmers, local food producers and artisans showcase their produce and products at the monthly Mowbray Market in Cape Town in December.

The market is hosted in collaboration with the Rural Women’s Assembly, Mawubuye Land Rights Forum and the Inyanda National Land Rights Movement. The market features fresh vegetables, endemic plants and herbs produced from TCOE’s Agroecology Hubs, amongst other offerings on sale from local producers as well as artisans.

We are constantly on the lookout for emerging farmers to join the Mowbray Market as new vendors. Prospective emerging farmers who would like to register their interest can fill in their details on our vendor registration form by clicking here.