The main municipality of Mangaung was established in 2014. This municipality is established with the following towns: Botshabelo, Bloemfontein, Thabanchu, Dewestdrop and Wepener. The main city of this municipality is Bloemfontein, which is well known as the city of roses, but many experts explain that roses are found among thorns. Mangaung shares the border with the country of Lesotho.

The fact that roses are found among thorns is a sign of concern for the residents of this municipality because a major disaster has fallen on them due to rampant crime within the towns which include Botshabelo, ThabaNchu and the neighbouring towns. The economy of this municipality is heavily dependent on agriculture and animal husbandry. Most of the people in this municipality make a living by selling animals, especially the residents of Botshabelo and ThabaNchu. Most of the livestock are cows, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, and chickens.In Botshabelo, livestock farmers have put their animals outside the town in what is known as the ranch, the land where the municipality has kept them since 2002. However, in ThabaNchu they still use their land that was given to them by the government. The land used in ThabaNchu is under the Trust system managed by the House of the Barolong Chiefs.

Mr. PapiDiba who is the father of three boys explained that this issue of animal theft is a big challenge for them because last year, in 2022, three (3) cows and two (2) calves were stolen and he said he is surprised that most of his cows were stolen in the presence of the herd boy. Diba says that he is not the only one in the town of ThabaNchu who is the target of animal theft.
“At home, we lived by rearing animals while my parents were still alive and I also want to continue with this. What hurts me most is that these thieves are not only stealing but they are destroying the future of our children because by selling animals I was able to send my son to university”, said Diba.

PapiDiba’s son Ntando said that this matter is a conspiracy because most of the people who lose their animals in ThabaNchu are from Lesotho.
Another victim of theft is Mme Anna Tsatsane who is a resident of Botshabelo, Tsatsane says these thieves have no mercy because when they come to your kraal, they take everything. This woman who is also a member of the Leratong Ranch Committee says that as she is an unemployed woman who relies heavily on rearing animals so this matter must be take serious ore they will take the law into their own hands because some of these thieves work together with the police.Tsatsane said, “I am asking our people not to associate themselves with these thieves by buying unlicensed animals. Our people and businessmen, we are appealing to you not to enrich this market of thieves by buying stolen animals”
Mr. TankisoPhindela, who is a member of the Botshabelo Livestock Committee, says that this issue of theft is causing them trouble. “The issue of animal theft continues, so, let us stand up and work together to prevent this crime.

Monghadi Tankiso Phindela eo e leng setho sa komiti ya Botshabelo Livestock Committee o re taba ena ya boshodu e ba jesetsa kgwebeleng, o ile a fana ka dipalopalo tse latelang selemo sa ketepedi le mashome a mabedi:
Mr. Phindela shared the following statistics for 2022

Difariki Pigs      284
Dinku Sheep      524
Dikgomo Cows      174
Dipodi Goats      212
Dikgoho Chickens      326
Dipalo tse felletseng ke Total   1 520

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