The Inyanda National Land Movement is deeply saddened by the brutal assassination of Lindokuhle Mnguni, chairperson of eKhenana Commune, on 20 August 2022. In a statement of solidarity, the movement conveyed their deepest condolences to the Mnguni family and friends, the eKhenana Commune and Abahlali baseMjondolo comrades. Mnguni is the third member of the Commune to be assassinated this year. In March, Ayanda Ngila, was assassinated and shortly thereafter in May, Nokuthula Mabasao was assassinated too.

While the South African government continues to betray its constitutional obligations, the eKhenana Commune stands as a beacon of hope of what becomes possible through self-organisation. “But instead of the Commune being supported, it has become a site of violence and political repression by those outside of the Commune with twisted political agendas driven by greed. It is shocking that when people practise democratic self-organisation and food sovereignty they are met with violence and are even killed” says Inyanda National Land Movement Chairperson, Moipone Jwayi.

“The Inyanda National Land Movement stands behind the people of the eKhenana Commune. Do not deter from your struggle, do not lose hope! These monsters want to instil fear so that eKhenana Commune, for which so much blood has been spilt already, is abandoned. We demand that the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, makes the investigation a priority”” adds Jwayi.

The movement also called for a People’s Tribunal to create a platform to interrogate those in power, especially officials in the security cluster, as to why they have been unable to prevent this pattern of planned assassinations in the eKhenana Commune. The Inyanda National Land Movement wants the security cluster to explain publicly what measures and resources they will put in place to prevent any further assassinations of Commune comrades.

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