Chennaiah P
Today, the question of land, water, forest, and biodiversity has become the central theme in the midst of neo-liberal policies. It is necessary to make alliances with other social movements, organizations etc. to carry forward the movements for the people so that the livelihood of peasants, landless, fisher folks and indigenous communities would not be in danger. Hence, it is high time to think as how this campaign on land rights, food sovereignty for people will carry forward to the people in the region.

It should also go beyond the ambit of ActionAid and other organizations can also join either expressing solidarity or through active engagement which is not bad. We should go to genuine people and make an alliance to challenge the neo-liberal policies and bring the poor people's livelihoods back. There should also be a regular support system so that the on-field updates could be known easily so that a chain of movements would get through to protect the people who are fighting for the land and forest rights. It is also necessary to establish communications with the international movements and making various committees with them to form strategies to connect more people against ongoing hegemonies.

Francisco Antonio Pereira
It is high time to think what could be done in future, actually, to create an international movement to occupy the land in practice. The other important question is how to bring youths in these movements and make them stand on the questions of land, and other natural resources. There are massacres of youths, they are migrating towards cities leaving the agriculture and it is left with third age group people, so the most important question is how to involve the youths in the land struggles. Other challenge is to signify women's role in the movements. Women have to play fundamental role in this movement and they have to play a role of decision making. Then only these movements would be strengthened. Our countryside is illiterate about what is happening to their livelihood. So, there is another task of educating people so that they could understand what they would lose in the hands of capitalists. Well, the need is to strengthen our ties with via compasina and also to strengthen our movements so that the peasants can reclaim their land.

Some points have already made about the linkages between the food sovereignty and the agrarian reform. The most important agenda would be how to train the youths so that they can take part in these movements. Thousands are moving into the urban areas and youth makes the larger chunk of them.

We should also strengthen our campaign against the land grabbing. We must put agrarian reform our primary agenda as people are struggling for the agrarian and land reform all over the developing world. It is also to think that how these different movements are going to collaborate with each other. Thousands of hectares of land has been occupied by the Trans National Corporations and the trend continues but the real thrust would be how to get land back and redistribute it to the people.

Form these discussions, now, it has been crystal clear that all the movements for agrarian and land reform, throughout our region, are the biggest priority. We have shared different experiences from the field. We would exchange our experiences to make our fight stronger for land, forest and water rights. We, in Zimbabwe, would surely learn from these experiences how to carry forward the fight for the land and agrarian rights. We have to strengthen the national movements for the land and agrarian reform. We need to develop a comprehensive programme so that we can organize farmers, tillers, landless people, and indigenous people thorough the developing world to make progress. The contribution of youth and women are very important as they are the most vulnerable groups. We also should campaign against the multinational companies as they are causing biggest damages to our land, and natural resources.

Marie Brill
The question is how to go for the collaboration with various movements. The task to include the organized peasantry and unorganized peasantry should also be very important. We should find ways to communicate and connect with various movements which are located in several regions of our land. We should also compile documents to make the movements better informed to carry forward researches which can be helpful in the movements.
New alliances should also be made especially in the areas of land grabbing so that we can make people aware what the multinational companies are waging wars on the poor people of the developing countries. Perhaps we need more debates to make strategies and principles.

In the debate further, the agenda of the collective farming and cooperative farming was also raised. Few delegates also said that we should have discussions on the promotion of sustainable agriculture in our agenda as well.

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